Our bleeding Fallout Remover is a pH neutral wheel cleaner and fallout remover which reacts with iron particles within brake dust and turns dark purple in colour. It removes ingrained dirt, industrial fallout and brake dust within all painted and unpainted surfaces without risk of damage. Ideal for valeting high end vehicles where strong acid or alkali products are not appropriate. Our formula contains an odour neutralising fragrance which kills the ‘rotten egg’ smell common with similar products on the marketplace. It also contains considerably more of the iron indicating chemical. For wheels, spray on and brush until the product turns dark purple, then rinse off with water. Repeat until the product no longer indicates iron. For removing iron fallout, spray the whole vehicle and rinse with a pressure washer once the product has changed colour.

BCP Iron & Fallout Remover

  •  Apply Iron & Fallout Remover directly to your vehicles wheels and bodywork once you have already cleaned away any visible dirt. Iron & Fallout Remover will quickly start to indicate the presence of any iron fallout contamination by turning a dark red colour. Avoid using in direct sunlight as this will cause the product to dry out quickly. Always pay close attention to the area your working on and allow Iron & Fallout Remover to work without drying into the vehicle body work or wheels. To remove, simply pressure wash away. Following use on bodywork we recommend a final safe wash before continuing.

  • For use on wheels and vehicle bodywork only. Do not use on vinyl wrapped cars, plasti-dip or matte finishes. Only use on wheels which have a finished painted surface and avoid chrome/ polished metal surfaces. Do not apply to vehicle metal or plastic trim. Always wear gloves when applying chemicals, stand up wind of any spray. If irritation occurs stop use immedietly and wash skin with plenty of cold water. Keep out of reach of children. If you suspect someone has swallowed Iron & Fallout Remover call your local emergency services right away & do not induce vomiting. Iron & Fallout Remover can cause serious eye irritation, if exposed to eyes rinse thoroughly using eye wash or fresh water.

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